I love “Friends,” I really do. 

I love “Friends,” I really do. 

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So my mom and I decided to go on an impromptu trip to the lake. While there I proceeded to act like a total asshole. I also learned that my mom used to have a fairly bad eating disorder. 

Total tangent, there’s a fucking horsefly in my room. Dammit. 

Anyway, it’s interesting, because my mom’s really skinny. My godfather says that we need to do a fat transplant. Take my fat and put it on her. In the last few days I have lost weight though. It’s nice to actually see progress on the scale, considering I feel so shitty. It honestly is like someone coming off of drugs or alcohol, but in a sense harder, because you have to have food to survive. I don’t know, any sort of addiction sucks ass. Now, for my motivation, I’ll look at hot, sweaty girls with flat stomachs. :)




Hell yeah

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have you ever…

    • Okay anons, this is your chance.
    • 1. had sex?
    • depends on what you call sex
    • 2. bought con­doms?
    • Hmmm…honestly not sure on this one. Probably, but seeing as I’m gay….
    • 3. got­ten preg­nant?
    • see above
    • 4. failed a class?
    • nope
    • 5. kissed a boy?
    • yup…it was gross
    • 6. kissed a girl?
    • yup and she didn’t taste like cherry chapstick. 
    • 7. had a job?
    • Yup
    • 8. left the house with­out my wal­let?
    • who hasn’t? Seriously?
    • 9. bul­lied some­one on the in­ter­net?
    • nope
    • 10. sexted?
    • heeheehee
    • 11. had sex in pub­lic?
    • define public
    • 12. smoked weed?
    • yup
    • 13. smoked cig­a­rettes?
    • yup
    • 14. smoked a cigar?
    • nope. totally gross.
  • 15. drank al­co­hol?
    • 16. been to a wed­ding?
    • yup
    • 17. been on the com­puter for 5 hours straight?
    • sadly
    • 18. watched tv for 5 hours straight?
    • see 17
    • 19. been late for school?
    • who hasn’t? 
    • 20. kissed in the rain?
    • hmmm…not sure. I’ll say possibly
    • 21. show­ered with some­one else?
    • yup
    • 22. been out­side my home coun­try?
    • yup
    • 23. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours?
    • Arkansas and Florida are much more than 5 hours apart…God yes. Going back and forth from home and school was not great.
    • 24. had lice?
    • when I was 4
    • 25. got­ten my heart bro­ken?
    • oh yes
    • 26. had a credit card?
    • yup…i need to find it too…
    • 27. been to a pro­fes­sional sports game?
    • si
    • 28. bro­ken a bone?
    • si
    • 29. been un­happy about my weight?
    • OK, enough with the obvious questions. It’s human nature. Even if you’re skinny as shit you probably want to be heavier….
    • 30. won a tro­phy?
    • yup. Volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball…yes, I am a dyke. 
    • 31. cut my­self?
    • yeah
    • 32. been on a diet?
    • on one right now
    • 33. rode in a taxi?
    • yeah
    • 34. stayed up for 24 hours or more?
    • sophomore year…the idea of rockstar mocha energy drinks makes me gag
    • 35. been to a con­cert?
    • yup
    • 36. had a crush on some­one of the same sex?
    • I’m gay…
    • 37. had braces?
    • no
    • 38. wore make up?
    • yup
    • 39. lost my vir­gin­ity be­fore I was 16?
    • depends on what you call sex….
    • 40. kissed some­one a dif­fer­ent race than my­self?
    • yup
    • 41. Snuck out of the house?
    • hmmm, that’s a good question. I honestly don’t know. 
    • 42. had oral sex?
    • n/a
    • 43. dyed my hair?
    • yup
    • 44. met some­one fa­mous?
    • yup
    • 45. been on va­ca­tion?
    • yup
    • 46. been on a boat?
    • yup
    • 47. been on an air­plane?
    • yup
    • 48. prank called some­one?
    • yup
    • 49. taken a preg­nancy test?
    • gay….
  • 50. been sus­pended from school?
  • almost

Aaaaaand I’m back

I could go on and on about life since I was last on here BUT, I’m going to highlight. 

Got job at the public library in Adult Nonfiction (ANF)

Took an antibiotic and every tendon in my body swelled up/became inflamed. I couldn’t move for almost a full month.Had to almost quit job. Luckily my boss is a badass. Now I’m back at work and loving every minute of it. 

While I was bedridden I was accepted to UWisconsin-Madison, UWashington-Seattle, and had an interview for Denver University for my MLIS (Master in Library Science). I’m going to Madison in August, can’t wait. 

I’ve started a liquid diet. Over the last year I gained 60 lbs, count them, 60, because of another fun drug. Yet in the last week i’ve lost 6…this makes me happy. 

starting weight: 262.6

Current weight: 255.4

Short term goal: 200

Long term: 180

total loss: 7.2

I’m sure something else pseudo interesting has happened, but I can’t think of it. 




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my day might have just been made

my day might have just been made

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